Top Best Features of Inshot Apk & Inshot Pro Apk

The only disadvantage of Inshot pro is, there is not sufficient information about How to use the features? But here you will see every aspect. We will discuss each option for both video and photo editing. Since you can add photos to your videos, both characteristics of the app need to be covered. If you keep reading here you will also learn about collage making with Inshot pro.


InShot Video Editing App

Inshot is an amazing app that has everything in one pace that you need. If you want to add stickers, even can apply filters, effects, you can do it only in one app. Even can add many photos to make videos and also trip it. What about if you want to stitch together multiple videos with blank canvas and photos? You’re already at three separate apps, which could mean three premium subscriptions to avoid ads and watermarks. The InShot app solves that.

Getting Started with the InShot App

Adding a Photo

Don’t wait, click on the upload option from your device. You can set it as default after uploading the image, both sides of the photo may show blur, or you can zoom in by clicking on the arrows underneath of your screen. 

Adding a Video

Click on the video option on your screen. In Inshot pro, you can just import video from your gallery but actually can’t film the video by using this app. After importing you will see a trim option on your screen.

If you want to use other editing options, don’t want to trim click the white and green checkmark.

Anyways, mistakenly if you skip cutting (trim) ‘’Select one track to edit’’ on the bottom and choose the part that you want to edit. Click on the dragline to bring up the trim option, with that you can also zoom in and out the video timeline.

It’s a fantastic app; by clicking on the plus sign (red color on the right side) you can add more videos and photos on the bottom left and merge them. You want to make a natural video or ads something like music, text, stickers, canvas whatever you want. Long-press to swap the order of your sections and rearrange your video.

Features: Photo and video editing

The inshot app has a long menu of editing options. The plus point is, there are undo-redo arrows, during editing you can play video or if you like to make any changes you can. 

There are a lot of options to edit photos and videos. Mostly are the same for both but some have a little bit differences. Let’s check them.

In this article, we have tried our best to make sense of how you can use the features or how you can naturally decorate your photos and videos.

Video Manipulation: Duplicate, Speed, Precut, and Delete

The duplicate shows from the name you could not go again in the menu option to add the same video, just click on the duplicate option same video will be added automatically.

In the speed menu, let’s slow and up the video from 0.2 to 100. You can also delete the video section that you don’t want to keep. 

Crop, Rotate or Flip, Freeze and Reverse

In the crop menu, choose any orientation; you can crop manually photos and videos. Rotate menu gives any direction to photos and videos whatever you want. You can also zoom or change the angle. The freeze option is only for videos. You can freeze or reverse any section.


Canvas gives you more frame options, specially specify for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There are a lot of options like zooming in and out that can rotate images manually in any direction. Background options include different colors, gradients, patterns, and blur levels. 


The Adjust menu has a long slide bar of options including lightness, contrast, warmth, tint, saturation, fade, highlight, shadow, color, hue, vintage, sharpen, and grain. It gives a lot of options to edit like you can make your video or photos green, white, red, or blue tints in different areas. But it’s totally up to you how you play with each point and how you make your more attractive videos and photos.  


This is the only option that requires you to use another app. When you click Retouch, you’ll be directed to a page that promotes the Peachy app, which lets you use retouch features in the InShot app.


Inshot has an amazing filter but if you go towards Pro, click more at the end and buy new filters only for $1.99.

Anyways, if you want to get more exciting filters, Scroll from right to left at the end of filters then click on the wheel icon. Basic2 filters will automatically turn off. Then enable the eye icon. New filters will be added when you go back to filters.  


The effect is a more appealing option. There are five categories of effects like retro, retro2, celebrate, style, and distort. These all have a further list of different effects. Click o the value options to low and high the effects. 


This category gives your video glitch effect with that you can add noise and make your video an old-school snowy look.


Retro and retro 2 categories are only for photos to give a motion.


Distort make the photos flip and mirror images. It also has other options like giving a swirl, fisheye, and a wave effect, or Scan H and scans V both make half of the photos invisible or like going wrong.   


The style gives different sketches like a mosaic, triangle, motion, blur, depth, tilt-shift, and print. Below you can see the example.


With celebrating you can decor your media, put a neon or flash overlay, or add things like snow or bubbles.


There are a lot of options for adding music or sound to your video:

  • Add or import sound effects.
  • Choose from their featured music.
  • Connect to iTunes.
  • Extract audio from a video.
  • Import your music.
  • Record your audio.

There’s also a shopping cart icon that lets you search for a track in iTunes and then use it in your video.


There is a long list of stickers. Now, you do not need to go towards any app. Some sticker packs are free as long as you watch an ad, while others cost between 99 cents and $2.99. Click the shopping bag icon to visit the store.

The icons along the bottom let you filter different stickers and effects packs by the following categories:

  • New
  • Smiley face, which seems to be mostly illustrations
  • Filters
  • Text and fonts

The other icons represent sticker themes. You can also use an image from your device or import your stickers.


In the Text section, you can add text and change the color or font. You can also import fonts or purchase new ones. You can also manage which fonts you do and don’t see.

When editing a video, there are a few extra text options. Once you add text, additional options pop up. You’ll see color and font options, the same as with a photo, but there’s a new three-dot effects icon that opens more. There are all sorts of text animations here, including:

  • Make the text fade.
  • Expand or retract the text.
  • Move it to the left, right, up or down.
  • Make the text bounce, tilt, bop around, rotate, spin, flip or pulse.


In this option, you can add, record the volume for different sections, also extract the video.


The last and important option of any app is set, according to desire. InShot is based on different setting options. You can set video resolution 720p or 1080p. if you can’t understand the language you can also have an option to change it. 

Collage making

Collage making is very easy. Click on the Collage option on your screen, select any photos from your device, and select layout and border. If you select a single photo you can’t make any changes or editing.

Final Review about the InShot App

Inshot is an amazing app that has a lot of features in one place that you need. You can create any type of video from basic to professional but for that, you should know how to use this app? So, learning is the basics of everything and after that, you can become a master of Inshot. Since you can add effects, trim videos at any sections also can add transitions, stickers of different categories. Keep reading here if you want to make a professional video and photo editing with Inshot. 

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